Manoj Sriram

Product Designer


Holiday Inn

Native iOS Mobile Application

Addition of a brand new collaborative hotel booking feature to the existing mobile app.


Web 3D Modeling Software Onboarding

Design a brand new onboarding experience for the existing web application.

Evy Tea

Web eCommerce Platform Build

Create a clickable interactive prototype.


Enterprise Product Design

Worked on internal products that support Talent, Finance, and Enterprise tools.

Wayfair II.png


Hi! I'm Manoj and I'm a User Experience Designer.

Prior to UX Design, I worked in the fields of UX Recruiting and Psychology both in Boston and in the Silicon Valley. It was here where I developed a passion for all things technology and science-related. Being able to map the market trends over user-centric design was the turning point that kickstarted my career in design.


I started by supporting cross-platform clients in both solo and team settings, I was quickly able to develop key UX principles that I am now leveraging in the real world. I'm always looking to challenge myself and sharpen my skills by utilizing my background to its fullest potential.

Currently, I work at Wayfair working to improve the lives of employees by making them more efficient and also am a staunch advocate for DEI and accessibility (A11Y) compliance.


When I'm not viewing the world through a screen, you can find me studying up on languages, etymology, semantics, and the art of hip hop.

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